Video: Finnish club’s bizarre Arabian Nights celebration

Posted by - October 5, 2010 - Football videos, Oddballs

Brazilian trio back Qatar 2022

OK, these wacky goal celebrations are going a bit too far now. This one, from the Finnish third division, features a box of props and a self-confessed sales pitch from one of the participants.

The offenders are HIK’s Brazilian triumvirate of Marcello Matrone, Alysson Gomes and Bruno. After scoring the winning goal, the trio headed for the touchline and a box full of Arab stereotypes secreted beneath a Qatar 2022 World Cup bid banner.

Bruno admitted: “The first was to support the candidacy of Qatar; and the second reason is to try and get a chance to play in the Arab world.”

Nothing quite like mockery to earn you a lucrative contract, eh Bruno?

He could always try the Titan casino if he’s a bit strapped for cash in Finland.

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