Video: Manchester City players Gareth Barry, Adam Johnson, Joe Hart and Shay Given get drunk with a group of students

Posted by - October 27, 2010 - Football videos, Manchester City

Blues on the booze

There is not too many Premier League footballers with university degrees, but that didn’t stop the Manchester City quartet of Gareth Barry, Adam Johnson, Joe Hart and Shay Given wanting to hunt for that authentic student experience this week.

The players were in St Andrews, Scotland, to play golf on Monday following their 3-0 defeat to Arsenal at the weekend. After packing their putters away, the group sought clubs of a different sort.

For reasons best known to themselves, they ended up in the kitchen of student digs surrounded by a mob of chanting teenagers.

The pinnacle of the video has to be drunken Gareth Barry’s battle cry:

“We’ve come along way. It’s windy. It been raining. We’re in St Andrews. Let’s party!”

One student told The Sun: “They were drinking and signing autographs for everyone. Joe Hart was throwing £50 notes around like confetti.

“The flat where we partied was like any student digs, with mouldy food and a fridge packed with beer. For some reason we spent most our time packed in the kitchen singing, and telling the players how great they were.”

The footage is Joe Hart’s second embarrassing boozy video of the month.

  • Evras left boot

    Well i doubt shay was much craic. He regularly visits a bar back home when hes injured or off on break. He wont take pictures and wont even talk to the bar staff ! highly surprised

  • Numb balls 27

    Met Shay out in June back home and he was best of craic, signed autographs and would chat to anyone, reason behind not being in photo’s is to stop this kinda shit happening were he’s made out to be some sort of hooligan!

  • ghee

    suppose these dickhead students have nothing else to do than get blotto on our taxes

  • StudentSam

    ghee, there’s nothing I enjoy more than getting ‘blotto on your taxes’. It’s uneducated dickheads like you that don’t take into account that some of us students have jobs as well. And we’re going to have to pay for the next generation to do the same thing.
    Anyway, looks like they had a good time. I wouldn’t have a problem with it if City beat Wolves and Arsenal.