Video: Sergio Ramos nearly sparks national crisis in Spain over regional languages

Posted by - October 8, 2010 - International

Presser gets political

Spanish footballers have been getting very politically active this week. After Oleguer (apologies to him for rounding him up as a ‘Spanish’ footballer) joined a squatters protest, Sergio Ramos has now set tongues of various dialects wagging with his performance in a press conference yesterday.

Even those of you who don’t know a great deal about Spanish history will be aware of ETA and Basque separatism and no doubt also the strong Catalan identity which usually manifests itself in the diehard support of Barcelona (and many of Oleguer’s hobbies).

It’s a similar story across the country, with many regions maintaining their own language and customs. One of the areas that’s not particularly vocal in its call for independence, its bombing of government targets or even showing off its language is Andalusia. Until now at least.

A Catalan journalist asks Gerard Pique to give his answer in Catalan, which the Barcelona-born defender happily does. Ever the gent, he then offers to repeat his answer in Castilian – Spanish to you and me – for the sake of other members of the media.

At this point Andalusian freedom fighter Ramos butts in and says:

Say it in Andalusian. It is a struggle for [the reporter] to understand Castilian.

Ouch! Put those claws away, Sergio. The Spoiler reports the pair have posting lovey-dovey pictures on Twitter to day to calm talk of a rift and avoid a national crisis.

Ramos has said he had “no problem with Catalans or the Catalan language”.

  • OmegaSupreme

    I demand Gerrard gives his answers in both the Queens’ Engerlish and Scouse from now on.