Vito Mannone wades in on the Arsenal goalkeeping crisis

Posted by - October 7, 2010 - Arsenal, Italy

Young Italian footballer gives embarrassing quotes to newspaper, part two

Arsenal’s third-choice goalkeeper Vito Mannone has taken a pop at his rivals for a place between the Gunners’ sticks. The young Italian decided he would give the confidence of Manuel Almunia and Lukasz Fabianski a much needed boost in an interview with Gazzetto dello Sport.

The 22-year-old, currently sneaking in over age with Italy under 21s, said: “I am happy in London. I love the Premier League. Last year I played nine games and with me, Arsenal never lost.

“They brought Almunia back (to the starting XI) and then Fabianski started in the game at Chelsea (last weekend).

“I get annoyed when I don’t play, it’s not as if the other two do that well. But if I’ve signed a contract extension until 2014 it is because they must value me.”

Hmm. Italian under 21 player based in the Premier League gives controversial interview in Gazzetto dello Sport, which seemingly incites problems with his team-mates but on close inspection is pretty close to the truth: it’s like deja vu all over again.

  • Jacobs Femi

    I am one of his supporters. Please let us give him a chance. He is tall, composed, have good reglect and good too.

    Wenger give this guy a chance to bail us out.

  • gbenga

    I still remember Vito from the Fulham game last season. The guy is the reason why we were not pumelled 6-1. I can’t imagine Lukaz or Almunia in goal in that match. I shiver at the thought of it-even though the match was played lasy season.

  • Ivan Andrew Kusasira

    Sincerely speaking, Mannone deserves his chance. Let alone the loud spoken schez……Mannone to me is the third Goal keeper and did really well last season when both GKs were sick. The fourth polish GK is being a mouth too much. AW should give this young man a chance to play or do it in the pecking order in terms of age.

  • bal

    if fabianski can keep up his performance against chelsea than he should keep his place. i like the way he came and got the crosses, just like lehmann and seaman…..something almunia preety much fucks us up all the time…..but u cant help to feel fabianski is in the same path to drop a real clanger

  • alex

    I agrre with Vito, It’s not like thte other two do so well. He was given a run of nine games, didn’t do anything wrong, had a massive game at fulham. But was then put back as 3rd choice when Almunia was back. He had one or two weird saves, punching shots straight in the air, but unlike Fabianski and Almunia, his positioning is good, and he doesn’t flap in the air. Besides, he has yet to let a poor shot past him like Almunia did against West Brom or Fabianski againt Tottenham in carling cup, or like Fabianski against Porto… I say give him a chance. But it won’t happend. Wenger keeps to much faith in Almunia for some reason. Lehman made 2 mistakes and lost his place. Almunia made at least 15-20 by now, and somehow still keeps his place. Letting Lehman go was a big mistake. And the spaniard got enough time already, let the italian in

  • Eli omondi

    Please i beg u prof wenger give mannone few tough games and evaluate it u will be convinced that vito is the solution to our goalkeeping problem