Zlatan Ibrahimovic throws hat into ring for Barcelona manager’s job

Posted by - October 19, 2010 - Italy

Man, that job would be Swede

AC Milan striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic has put himself forward as the next manager of Barcelona – and he reckons he could do a pretty good job. The Sweden international, on-loan at the San Siro from Barca, reckons the Nou Camp job is easy-peasy.

He said: “In Barca, anyone can be the coach. For me, even, it would not be difficult to do it. They say that they have earned six titles, but who would not with that team? At Barca nobody questions the coach.”

You don’t suppose he was trying to damn Pep Guardiola with faint praise, do you? Oh, perhaps not. Turns out he was trying to damn him with pretty damning statements instead.

He continued: “At Inter, Milan, Chelsea, Manchester United it is different because there are 22 players and each one believes they are the best.That is similar at Barca, of course, but nobody told him. They were all quiet because they were low profile. Negotiating a staff of 22 players with personality is not easy – Guardiola did not know how to do it.

“For me Guardiola is a great technician with little experience. He is too young to negotiate a group with 22 stars and 22 different personalities.”

Hmm… don’t recall his stints at Stamford Bridge or Old Trafford. And it appears pretty soon his spell at the Nou Camp will be tough to remember too.