An interesting insight into Kevin Nolan and Andy Carroll’s weird homelife

Posted by - November 1, 2010 - Newcastle United

Captain Kev is strict parent to Carroll

When Newcastle striker Andy Carroll’s bail conditions forced him to move into the family home of Kevin Nolan, it sparked much hilarity. Many people were envisaging some sort of Bert and Ernie set-up for the Toon pair. The truth, it turns out, is equally bizarre.

It has emerged that Carroll’s chores for the week ahead include bedtime reading.

Nolan said:

“Normally all house guests are asked to read my kids bedtime stories but Andy Carroll hasn’t done that yet. My wife has been in Liverpool this week. But when she comes back this weekend I know she will ask Andy to go upstairs and read to them. I have got a four-year-old daughter and a nine-month-old son, and we have got all sorts of different books for him to pick from. He might like Peppa Pig – or there is a monkey one.”

OTP wonders what could possibly have made his wife and kids decide to live in Liverpool for the week!

Nolan has also got Carroll on a very strict curfew and is currently making attempts to adjust the number 9’s body clock.

He continued:

Andy has got to be indoors for 10.30pm and he has got to be in bed by 11pm. We’d already got the kids on curfews, so it’s no trouble to enforce.

What I have learnt about Andy, though, is that he’s always asleep at the wrong time, like when I get him up early to do the school run with me. He gets up at 10 to eight and we leave at five past. We then have our breakfast at the training ground. I don’t know if he likes it but that’s the way it is.

No word on pocket money just yet.

  • anton1r

    Sources for this one? or are those a secret?

    I’m assuming since you’re quoting you were either there when it was said or you’ve gleaned that information from elsewhere. In which case it’s only proper the source should be revealed.

    I know it’s only a bit of banter and all but it’s reassuring to see a source none the less.

  • Rob Parker
  • anton1r

    Cheers gaffer Parker! 😀

  • hollis

    Bet he’s saying that just to keep the courts happy. Nolan obviously sent the wife and kids off for a week so he and Carroll could stay up till all hours drinking champagne out of strippers’ arsecracks. Much more likely than curfews, “It’s time to wake up Andy” and school runs.

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