Arsenal keeper Vito Mannone falls under the spell of Hull’s rugged charm

Posted by - November 26, 2010 - Arsenal, Championship, Hull City, Transfer News and Gossip

Young Italian pleasantly surprised by the Worst Place To Live in the UK (2003)

Arsenal goalkeeper Vito Mannone has revealed he wouldn’t mind extended his loan spell at Hull City until the end of the season because he rather likes the place. Despite being warned off the place that topped the Crap Towns list in 2003, the 22-year-old has discovered he is quite at home in the luxurious surroundings of Kingston-upon-Hull.

He said: “If both the club and myself are still happy in January, why not? I’m settled now in Hull, we got seven points from the last three games so we need to build on this.

“I’m just beginning to see how Hull is, and I’m [pleasantly] surprised because people did not say so many nice things about it, but I like it – it’s at the seaside, and it’s less busy than London.”

Some in-depth OTP research (Wikipedia) revealed, firstly, that Jimmy Wales is a scary bloke and, secondly that Mannone is from a place called Desio in northern Italy.

Further research (finger and thumb held up to Wikipedia page) showed that Desio is just about as far from the sea as you can get in Italy. The sudden influx of sea air has obviously gone to Mannone’s head.

And someone should tell him that there are more pleasant English seaside resorts than Hull, including some that are actually at the seaside rather than on an estuary.

  • Danny Denhard

    Probably cos he wants to play football and he is not going to get chance at Arsenal, especially as Wenger now knows he has to invest in his defence and goalkeeping departments!

  • Mike

    Have you been to Hull Rob?

  • Ryan

    have you ever been to hull? who ever wrote this!

  • southerner

    Hull and the surrounding area is actually quite nice, but don’t tell anyone.

  • Lambrettaman

    The author obviously hasn’t been to Hull, or he wouldn’t have written this lazy piece of garbage, which is obviously guided by the opinion of a fat bird and a bald bloke on Channel 4. This photo was taken four miles from the KC Stadium, what does it look like to you, a coast?

    Or perhaps he was just confused by Hull City Centre looking like this:

  • simon wright

    well said Lambrettamen could’nt off said it any better myself

  • isabel

    Crap Towns List!
    More like bollock towns list!!!!!!!!

  • Guest

    Mind your language!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!