Beat the bookies with matched bets and Freebets4all

Posted by - November 16, 2010 - Adverts and Commercial, Betting

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If you are fed up of losing your hard-earned cash to bookmakers, then be fed up no more. Help is at hand in the form of matched betting site

Don’t worry if the world of matched betting is new to you. Here is how it works. You know all those free bets that bookies dangle in front of your nose to get you to sign up? Well, using matched betting you take advantage of those bets by staking the money the bookie has given you.

You then go to a betting exchange site, such as Betfair, and quite literally hedge your bets by staking money on the opposite outcome. For instance, you bet with the bookie that England will win. You then place a ‘lay’ bet with the betting exchange site that England will not win.

The outcome is that you always lose a bet and win a bet.

The clever bit is that, because it was never your money that you were betting in the first place, you always end up in profit. In the short-term you will probably be slightly out of pocket because most bookies require you to add money to your new account to receive the free bet. And you’ll lose a small amount of every bet you win to commissions.

But by the time the free bets and follow up bets have worked themselves out, and as long as you follow the instructions carefully, you will find yourself with extra money in your pocket.

The process is made easy by Freebets4all’s Automatcher software. This free software allows any visitor to find matched bets on demand. The bets are generated automatically upon request using the latest odds and provide clear instructions on how convert each free bet in question into guaranteed profit.

Automatcher finds free bets for you, does all your sums for you, and tells you how much to place on each outcome, so that you can convert your free bets into risk-free profit.