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Bet’s be ‘avin you: Football Betting Tips for 20-21 November

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  • neil

    Finally he gets paid! I’ve slagged you quite a bit over the past few weeks, but it looks like the tough love paid off! 😉

  • Daniel Storey

    ha, fair play Neil, very big of you.

    To be fair starting this column coincided with a downturn in my fortunes!

    I was so close to putting Messi and Ronaldo two or more goals each, would have been a bigger payday.

  • neil

    Note that you didn’t insult Mark Lawrenson’s predictions this week either! Karma can be a bitch!haha

  • Daniel Storey

    Lawro’s comedy column will be back next week and regularly. Was simply unable to get to see his predictions before the match reports came up.

    He deserves the stick, and you will not change me on that!