Blackpool boss Ian Holloway reiterates that all his best players are leaving

Posted by - November 9, 2010 - Blackpool

Tangerines gaffer admits Charlie Adam will probably walk

If there was such thing as a DVD box-set of Ian Holloway interviews, it would definitely be on OTP’s Christmas list. Alas, there isn’t. But that needn’t stop his enjoying all the wonderful things he has to say.

The Blackpool manager’s favourite topic of conversation earlier this season were just how rubbish his side was and how they were probably going to get relegated. Now they have turned out to be pretty good at this Premier League lark, Olly has changed tack and instead repeatedly told anyone who will listen that all his best players are going to quit the club.

The latest player Olly knows he won’t be able to keep hold of is skipper Charlie Adam. Holloway said:

“Whatever happens, happens. It’s out of my hands. I got some brilliant players, I want them to be successful, and being successful is looking after your family and earning the right amount of money your play deserves. If I can’t give them that, then they’ll go with my blessing.

“There will be a time when Charlie needs to go – unless we’re in a position where Charlie should play – which I think is one of the top four teams. I honestly believe he is that good. I think one of them will buy him one day. If not they might nick him, because we have a bit of a technicality – if that happens, what can I do? Nothing, so we get on with it.”

The ‘technicality’ probably refers to an ongoing dispute between Adam and the club over unpaid bonuses from last season. He has previously suggested that not even the wide variety of slot machine and donkey ride opportunities in the Las Vegas of the North will be enough to keep goalie Matt Gilks or midfielder David Vaughan at Bloomfield Road.

He said: “With the wages we pay there’s only so long I can hold on to them. They can go on and earn £120,000 and not give us a thought ever again.”

  • Jonny

    Holloway is an absolute breath of fresh air. I love his honesty, and would definitely buy a dvd of his interviews!