Brazilian Ze Eduardo beaten up by Santos team mates

Posted by - November 1, 2010 - Football videos, Hard Tackle, Oddballs, South America

Birthday celebrations turn a little sour

On my tenth birthday I had a football party, accompanied by the inevitable four footballs and three pairs of shinpads as presents. The occasion was soured when two of my friends squared up after a challenge (I was ten, so this wasn’t exactly Millwall v West Ham).

I never thought it possible, but birthday-related football violence has gotten worse even than September 1995. Ze Eduardo probably thought he could celebrate his birthday by relaxing with a cake and candles, possibly making a wish to be a footballer that had already come true.

Unfortunately, his team mates had other ideas, and he was essentially beaten up by the whole squad.

Kids these days. What’s wrong with bowling, nuggets, and a token sick kid that has too much haribo.