Cardiff City manager Dave Jones calls local media ‘fools and buffoons’ in press conference

Posted by - November 10, 2010 - Championship

You, sir, are a buffoon

Cardiff boss Dave Jones has gone on the offensive against local journalists after the backlash that followed his side’s derby defeat to Swansea last weekend.

Jones had come in for criticism over his team selection, tactics and approach to the match, but that was nothing compared to his appraisal of the hacks.

He said:

“Some of the fools who are writing and everything else, they haven’t got a clue.

“Fine, you have to put up with it as a manager. But I can’t believe some of the stupid things that come out of it. We lose a game and it’s the end of the world.”

And he didn’t stop there. The rant continued:

“I think people get a little bit clouded in this part of the world (about the derby). Certainly some of the reporters writing on it.

“I think they are buffoons.

“They don’t understand, have never played in a derby game. They just write what they want to write.

In Fergie terms, it is a relatively polite rant against the media. But not having the local journalists on-side is always a risky game for a manager.

  • andy formosa

    Dave is spot on most of the time.The western mail n echo journalists are really a bunch of village sensationalists.You only have to read what the football fan sare saying about the journalist in the western mail local paper. The prevoius owners of the club did not want to speak to them,also the new current owners,,because of their biased and inaccurate numerous articles. The circulation of the paper has dropped dramatically over the past few yrs.Countless thousands have stopped reading the garbage knowing its negativity and unchecked reports,coz the have to rely on sensationalism to increase circulation (which it has not) and as each week passes they look more ludicrous as more and more fans laugh at their ineptness and only read the free online stuff,and usually read it so they can comment on the puke they write.Log in and see for urselves that this istrue and not just a biased comment from myself.