Eric Cantona sparks a global financial revolution

Posted by - November 22, 2010 - Football videos, France

Eric says kill the banks

Once upon a time, Eric Cantona used to terrorise Premier League defences and the occasional Crystal Palace fan. Now it looks like it’s some of the world’s largest financial institutions he poses a big threat to. That’s because of seemingly run-of-the-mill interview he granted to a French regional newspaper combined with the power of the internet

In his interview with Presse Océan, Cantona plays down the effect of protests and marches on the streets of French cities. In the process he hatches a plan to bring down the world’s banks!

King Eric suggested that rather than protesting, people should simply withdraw their money from banks. He is very much aware that this would cause the banking system to collapse.

He said: “The three million people with their placards on the streets, they go to the bank and they withdraw their money and the banks collapse. Three million, 10 million people, and the banks collapse and there is no real threat. A real revolution.”

With the video of the interview now going viral on the internet, the banks are getting a bit twitchy that Eric’s plan could become a reality.

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  • http://HOL Andy Sargent

    Cantona is a cock

  • http://HOL ASCPFC

    Cantona can suck my cock so can Man U.

  • AlanS

    I can see a role for Eric as the next Bond villain with that appearence.

  • John De Haura

    Eric Cantona – Bank Withdrawl Revolution Protest

    Eric Cantona has suggested we all withdraw our money from the banks on 7th December in a mass protest. That will teach them a lesson!

    Or not?