Esteban Granero reads Slaughterhouse-Five by Kurt Vonnegut on Real Madrid coach, Cristiano Ronaldo texts and eats sandwich

Posted by - November 2, 2010 - Football videos

Unlikely footballer reading

Real Madrid footballers don’t have a reputation as great thinkers (just ask Monica Mint). But Esteban Granero is attempting to turn that around.

Spanish TV cameras spotting him reading Kurt Vonnegut’s Slaughterhouse-Five on the Real Madrid team-bus. The midfielder was enjoying getting stuck into the anti-war sci-fi novel nearly as much as Cristiano Ronaldo was enjoying getting stuck into his sandwich. 

This is nearly, but not quite, as shocking as the time we caught Jermaine Pennant reading the Bourne Deception.

  • Mr. Chopper

    Shitting hell. What next? A Premiership footballer stating:

    “We don’t improve the world. It’s not like we invented hot water. We just kick a ball…”


  • Elliott

    Granero is Argentine? Pooty-tweet indeed!

    And C Ron may have been reading “Pride and Prejudice” on his cell phone but taking notes via the textpad.

  • simone

    Granero is spanish by the way

  • Anonymous

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