Even David Beckham’s sons laugh at his voice

Posted by - November 16, 2010 - MLS & US, Oddballs

Becks now facing stick from all angles

David Beckham has revealed that his sons now freely mock his voice. Becks’ squeaky London accent has long been a source of material for comedians and a source of much amusement for the British public. Now his three boys are getting in on the act.

The ex-England skipper revealed his kids have settled in to their American lifestyle so well that they now find their dad’s Englishness very funny.

He said: “They’ve got full-on American accents now but I don’t care. It makes me laugh when we go home and we see the parents and grandparents and they are like, ‘What’s happened to them?’

“The boys are funny. I was putting Cruz to bed the other night and I said something to him and he turned round to me and said, ‘Daddy – you’re so English’.

“I have lived in Spain, Milan and Manchester but I have never lost my East End accent and never will.”

That’s what we like to hear (just not quite as much as Alistair McGowan likes to hear it).