Giant Wayne Rooney to be burnt at the stake

Posted by - November 4, 2010 - Manchester United, Oddballs

Wazza to go up in flames

An enormous figure of Wayne Rooney has been unveiled as a bonfire society’s guy ahead of Bonfire Night celebrations. At Edenbridge Bonfire Society’s annual parade and display on Saturday, the 49ft Wazza will be set alight with his lucrativenew contract in hand.

Up to 15,000 spectators are expected to turn up to watch Rooney burn. The effigy is packed with fireworks, so the giant Rooney is likely to meet a very noisy demise.

Nice touches to the guy include Shrek ears and a holdall full of cash in Rooney’s hand. It seems a bit silly to do this in Kent though, where scores of local Manchester United supporters are likely to be offended by the act.

  • Chris

    Why this hatred for Rooney? Is it the affair he had? Or is he being blamed for Englands shitty performance in the World Cup? If that’s the problem, then there’s a few more characters to add to the bonfire. Or is it the way he got him self his new contract?