Jose Mourinho instructs Real Madrid players to get themselves sent-off

Posted by - November 24, 2010 - Champions League, Football videos, Oddballs

Top-class ridiculous tactics from the Special One

Jose Mourinho has pulled some stunts over the years, but this is definitely up there with OTP’s favourites. With key players Xabi Alonso and Sergio Ramos on yellow cards, Real Madrid cruising at 4-0 up against Ajax, and already through to the knockout stages, the Special One allegedly instructed his charges to deliberately pick-up second yellow cards.

Under Mourinho’s cunning masterplan, both players now miss the dead rubber against Auxerre rather than risking a ban that would be carried into the knockout stages by accumulating another booking against the French side.

Both players picked up their second bookings for hilariously blatant timewasting offences. Xabi Alonso’s free-kick run-up contains more stops and starts than Wayne Rooney’s season. Ramos, meanwhile, picks up his sending off while taking a goal-kick as Iker Casillas clings to a tight leg muscle! The defender finds the time to pull-up his socks during one aborted run-up!

The poor ref looks like he hasn’t cottoned on and is delighted to be the centre of attention.

And here’s the incriminating evidence of the evil mastermind behind the plan:

Spotted on The Spoiler

  • Isaac

    Hilarious, Ramos even shakes the ref’s hand.

  • Messi-10

    I dont like real madrid but I respect them… but this was some funny shyte LOLOLOL
    I give Mourinho thumbs up… he really is ah boss

  • neil

    I think the best bit is that Mourinho denies this ever happened!haha…

    Hopefully Uefa will impose further bans for unsporting behaviour

  • robbiedavids

    check out for an article on this and the new football restaurnat – “the didier drogbar” (it’s a dive). ha ha top class stuff. enjoy