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Quizzle my nizzle

It’s a weekend, no one wants to to tedious tasks like reading long articles, going to B and Q or spending time with a girl. What better way to lube yourself into the football weekend than by a cheeky little quiz.

Answers follow below, but as we all know from those heady days of school (resentment, depression, guilt) you are only cheating yourselves if you have a sneaky peek.

Feel free to post your score below, a celebratory self-applied pat on the back to the winner.

Nineties and Naughties

1. Don Mackay, Ray Harford and Brian Kidd all managed which club in the nineties?

2. What is the only trophy that George Graham has won since leaving Spurs, and for a bonus point what was the year?

3. Which three clubs won the Football League playoffs last season?

Foreign Imports

4. Which Chilean international played over 40 PL games for Newcastle, joining the club in 2000?

5. Who is the only Estonian to ever play in the Premier League? And who is the only Angolan? (1 point for each)

6. Can you name the five Germans to play for Liverpool in the Premier League?

Whose career is this? (Permanent moves only)

7. Viking – Southampton – Blackburn – Rangers – Viking

8. Ajax – Inter – Everton – PSV

9. Naval – Academica – Porto – Nacional – Chelsea

World Football

10. With which Argentinian club did Lionel Messi begin his career?

11. Which country other than England has a top flight team named Liverpool?

12. In which country does David O’Leary now manage, and for a bonus point which team?

And finally…

13. When England were knocked out of Euro 2000, which two teams did they lose to in the group stage?

14. In 2005 Crystal Palace named their best ever team to commemorate their centenary. Who were the two strikers and who was the only foreigner? (1 point for two, 2 points for three)

15. Name the eight English cities which can host a football league derby ie the teams don’t currently have to be in the same division? (1 point for seven, 2 points for eight)

Answers (with bonuses scores will be out of 20)

1. Blackburn Rovers

2. League Cup, 1999

3. Blackpool, Milwall, Dagenham and Redbridge

4. Clarence Acuna

5. Mart Poom and Manucho

6. Sean Dundee, Karl-Heinz Riedle, Christian Ziege, Markus Babbel, Dietmar Hamann

7. Egil Ostenstad

8. Andy van der Meyde

9. Hilario

10. Newell’s Old Boys

11. Uruguay

12. UAE, Al-Ahli

13. Portugal and Romania

14. Andy Johnson, Ian Wright, Attilio Lombardo

15. Bristol, London, Manchester, Liverpool, Sheffield, Nottingham, Birmingham, Stoke

  • Chris

    Who is the Angolan Dan?

  • Daniel Storey

    Apologies Chris, now updated. How you do?

    Thoughts on the quiz?