OTP Podcast: Episode 1 – Wenger Bottles It

Posted by - November 24, 2010 - Podcast

It’s here! The OTP Podcast is here

Just like the marauding Johan Elmander at the Reebok – the OTP podcast is finally opening it’s account for the season. The weekend’s games threw up some fascinating results and, most importantly, a plethora of irrelevant events that left the pod pondering a series of aimless questions; does Stoke’s Jon Walters have the most luscious facial hair ever sported in the Premiership? Is referee Michael Oliver’s malicious tackle on Blackburn’s Gael Givet a warning of future ref-on-player violence? What was the real motive behind Arsene Wenger’s explosive tete a tete with a water bottle? And looking across the channel – is Eric Cantona really waging a campaign of world economic domination?

Also thrown into the meandering-cocktail: pirate-savvy Blackburn owners, self-mutilating Ibrahimovich and Steven Gerrard’s magical hamstrings.

Coaxing the nonsense from the footballing woodwork on a weekly basis – this is the Off The Post podcast.

The vids to match the waffle

Aesthetically pleasing screamer from Luke Varney – early contender for best goal scored in a tangerine-based shirt this season?

Referee Michael Oliver wipes out Gael Givet – cumbersome official or cold-blooded thug?

Arsene Wenger furious with dug-out waiter: ”When I ask for carbonated, I expect carbonated.”

Jakub Blaszxzykowski misses open-goal sitter. Jakob: ”It’s not the end of the world; fitting my surname on my shirt was more traumatic than this.”

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  • neil

    The Elmander joke in the description makes no sense considering he opened his account for the season back in August.

    Also, Jon Williams? I’m guessing ye meant to right Jon Walters! Can’t say I’m looking forward to the podcast after reading the introduction to it!

  • http://www.offthepost.info Rob Parker

    At the Reebok, Neil. It was his first home goal.