Rafa Benitez hits out at Roy Hodgson with bizarre ‘priest on a mountain of sugar’ rant

Posted by - November 2, 2010 - Italy, Liverpool, Oddballs

Woy’s a pwiest

Inter Milan boss Rafa Benitez has taken another swipe at the man who took his old job. The Spaniard has compared Liverpool manager Roy Hodgson to ‘a priest on a mountain of sugar’.

He said:

“I think that Mr Hodgson, he doesn’t understand. Every single press conference is even worse than the last one. He’s talking about things that he doesn’t know, and some people cannot see a priest on a mountain of sugar.”

Benitez was responding to perceived criticism from Hodgson, who claimed Benitez once banned Anfield legend Kenny Dalglish from the club’s Melwood training ground and had left a below-par squad behind.

Apparently the phrase means that the truth is staring Hodgson in the face, just like the black robes against the white sugar. But we welcome your theories, OTP readers!

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    Yet another strange comment from Benitez. Liverpool need to give Hodgson a chance and Benitez should get on with his own job! Saying that his ranting is becoming very amusing and I am looking forward to the next one and its theme.

  • wayne

    The comment means that Hodgson cannot see what is obviously in front of him. A priest (black) set against a backround of white (sugar). rafa is simply responding to remarks made by Hodgson earlier in the week.

  • Padraic

    He didn’t compare Hodgson to a priest on a mountain of sugar, he said he could not see one. It’s hardly cryptic or bizarre. some people cannot see a priest on a mountain of sugar = can’t see the wood for the trees. It’s just another example of the anti-Benitez bias in the media. When Ferguson made the remark about two cows in a field regarding the Rooney saga, it wasn’t labelled bizarre or cryptic. Plus Benitez is speaking in a foreign language to him, and clearly directly translating these sayings. If we translated some of our idioms into Spanish I’m sure they’d be confused