Save Ian Holloway!

Posted by - November 11, 2010 - Blackpool, Ranting and Raving

Back Olly in quit threat

Blackpool manager and quite possibly OTP’s favourite football manager ever Ian Holloway has threatened to quit his job if he faces Premier League action over his team selection for last night’s match against Aston Villa.

Holloway made 10 changes ahead of the match, but the Seasiders were just minutes away from secured a respectable 2-2 draw at Villa Park, only to concede a late James Collins header.

Olly said: “I’d pack in, I can’t work for this madness. I would resign. They do not know what they’re talking about.

“You haven’t got to be a genius to work out what happened to Wolves last year and how wrong that was. [Wolves manager] Mick McCarthy can pick whoever he likes.

“We deserved at least a point and how dare anybody tell me the players I’ve been working with, I can’t treat them with respect and give them a chance. [My reserves] should have played before now. I wasn’t sure they were ready, but tonight they have enhanced their reputation with me.

“Let some person from the Premier League even try to tell me who I can pick. I am the manager of Blackpool Football Club and I select people to come to the club and play them whenever I want.

“I’m going to come here and try to beat Aston Villa and I’m going to go to West Ham and try to beat them and all. If I pick a different team, I’ve got every right to do what I like.

“Let them try and fine me, it’s an absolute disgrace. I’ll show the Premier League. We were a credit to football, and let the Premier League try to tell me otherwise.

“You’re so rude and being so disrespectful to my players.”

OTP is fully behind Olly and here’s why:

  • Of all the squad’s in the Premier League, Blackpool’s is the one that you can safely argue that there is not a vast range of class across the squad.
  • Blackpool nearly got something out of the match. Could the ‘first XI’ have done any better? Arguably not.
  • As Olly points out, some of the players did better than those they replaced.
  • The Premier League enforced 25-man squads at the start of the season. The suggestion of that is that any of those 25 players are good enough to play when called upon. How can the Premier League dictate when they should be used?
  • Football is not a video game. You can’t rely on stats to show how good a player is – form and fitness have to play a part. Wayne Rooney is arguably Manchester United’s best player and yet he was left on the sideline when we know he was fit. Should United be fined?

Anyway, we don’t want to see Olly walk so feel free to leave your thoughts below and, if need be, we’ll march on the Premier League HQ or something like that…

  • Andy

    “25-man squads” – end of story. You have a squad number, you can play.

  • neil

    I think Hollie is being way too aggressive towards the journalist though. The journalist has to ask these questions, and has no say in that matter.

  • pete

    Ollie was only uptight becuase the reporter focussed on the 10 changes and suggesting that they were a weakened side. A side that were from the 25 man squad and which deserved a point and only lost in the last minute . And a side, where most of the players had at least featured in the PL before, some were internationals who had played at the world cup. Would be ridiculous if the panalised Blackpool or IH – and they wouln’t even be considering the matter if it was AF and Man Utd

  • Sheva

    I would just love to see SAF face action from the PL for dropping players.

  • John

    There’s nothing for the PL to criticise, 3-2 to Aston Villa by a team meant to be certain relegation material, and oh so close to a draw. Play the same 11 next match. He does get wonderfully emotional though, doesn’t he.

  • Dean Lloyd

    It’s a fine line that the FA are walking.

    What’s the difference between dictating how many changes a manager can make and who they deem as “weak” players, and them all out giving the teams a list of 18 players that they want to see on the team sheet every week?

    And what of how the Blackpool players in question are feeling. You work your arse off for a hard fought draw only to loose it in the last few seconds, your spirits are lifted briefly by your manager who congratulates you on your valiant efforts and then some men in suits who have never played the game single you and your team mates out as weakened players!

    Absolute disgrace!

  • hollis

    Really wish that Olly wouldn’t dig himself into these holes. He’s given some of the best post match interviews of all time (sit down Mourinho) and the pressure of managing a team in the Prem has started to show. I’m not sure what the expectations of the board are, or the expectations of the fans, but surely they can’t have been more than “as long as we finish with more points than Derby”. Olly’s always been outspoken and it’s nice to have somone pointing out the absurdity in the Prem but by grinding his axe he’s inviting the wrath of the League, which only represents the interests of the top 3 + Liverpool on the best of days.

    I certainly won’t say that Olly should keep his mouth shut and accept the contradictions in treatment for the clubs in the Prem, but perhaps it’s time that he takes a step back, realises the heights he’s reached and enjoy the ride. I miss the old Olly. The Olly that used to give random analogies about getting a girl home on a night out, carrying on about the lack of a market for chicken coops. I’m really hoping that Blackpool have a decent (FA) cup run so that a bit of the pressure is eased and we can go back to the old ways. When he was the eccentric uncle that everyone liked, as opposed to the eccentric uncle that dressed up like Batman and climbed the local ASDA to reverse a one way system.