Steve Bruce: Newcastle tannoy setlist ‘lacked etiquette’

Posted by - November 5, 2010 - Newcastle United, Sunderland

Cheer up, Stevie Bruce

Sunderland manager Steve Bruce has accused Newcastle of lacking etiquette after The Monkees’ Daydream Believer was played over the stadium tannoy at the end of his side’s humiliating 5-1 derby defeat on Sunday.

The Toon Army had taunted Bruce all afternoon with a reworked version of the 1960s hit. So the Black Cats’ boss was not best pleased when the stadium DJ picked the song to play immediately after the match.

Newcastle fans drowned out the original with the lyrics:

“Cheer up Stevie Bruce,
Oh what can it mean
To a Sad Mackem B******
And S** football team.”

Bruce hit out at the decision to play the track and warned he is hoping to dish out revenge before too long.

He said: “It is 71 days until the next derby at our place, not that we are counting. I hope we can repeat the same dosage when they come to our place. It was typical of that club’s etiquette.”

I wonder if Newcastle fans will sing the song next time now they know it offends him?

  • Marc Watson

    It is not that the song offends him and it’s easy to handlke it when the fans sing it as it’s what you expect, but people who are getting paid by the club should not be deriving pleasure due to their position. This is similar to a few seasons ago when Mike Ashley was doing the conga with his boardroom pals after beating us – no respect for anyone and a disgrace to the game

  • Chris Gray


    Shut up you sound as pathetic as him…He should be more concerned about the lack of effort,passion,ability from his side before worrying about our “lack” of etiquette. “Typical of that club” who does he think he is because he’s definately not a Geordie and never will be!!

    Dont worry Steve, you think your counting down the days, we cant wait to do the same at your lego stadium. Remember what all mackems said before last sunday, we cant win at home and they dont conceed…funny that isnt it. Since we are stronger away from home this season i cant wait to see us destroy them. The only thing we need to concentate on is getting 6 so we better last time.

  • Alex

    A little bit precious. It’s not as if Sunderland fans enjoyed winding us up last day of our relegation season. What goes around comes around.

    Steve Bruce moaning – typical of the etiquette of that man.

  • Jonny D

    What Bruce means is your club has no class, and he’s absolutly right.

    Fair enough fans giving him grief thats expected. But whoever let that tune play at full time is obviously unprofessional.

    I’ve dealt with NUFC on a professional basis many times over the course of the past 10 years and it hard to put your finger on it but its not a nice club. Its a very jealous club and one that is always hard done by if things dont go it’s way.

    If we’re talking etiquette Sunderland is has a far superior reputation. Then again it’s not that difficult to better a trashy, mockney owned club.

    NUFC the class of Del Boy’s living rooom

  • Alex

    “Hard to put you finger on it”. Well you sure showed me with you fact based examples, and didn’t sound at all bitter. Have fun trying to justify a ‘moral’ victory (on no grounds whats-so-ever) whilst I celebrate the very real 5-1 mauling. Deary me.

  • R&D

    look its like this well done to the mags you deserved your victory we did not show up and with regards to the day dream believer tune we would have done exactly the same at our place however newcastle do not play football its called hit carol and hope for the best! …..sorry but true and to the idiot that calls the SOL a lego stadium ………Wake up mate!!!!!!……….we sat to deep and got punished and could not wake bad day thats thats football………brucie has made mistakes but rest assured our boys have learned they will put scores right at our place by playing football … the mags will never cope with this ………..oh sorry boys your jealous bitter club will never reach europe in the near future it was just one result…..lets see how you cope during this busy period

  • bilby

    Oh boo-hoo Stevie. Really, how about focussing on getting a better performance out of your team?

  • Mackemretards

    and that’s all come true hasn’t it? typical thick mackem prick