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Top five conclusions: England 1-2 France

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  • Nick

    Just a terribly frustrating display from a team seemingly frightened to play and lacking in the technique of their Gallic cousins. There’ll be wailing and horror in the press, but the truth is that France have been able to field a very good side for some time, they’ve just been managed by a buffoon and dominated by a destructive clique for too long.
    Nasri and Malouda dovetailing together was a joy to watch, and a lesson to Jordan Henderson in the art of appreciating space, both finding it, and being able to control the ball in a manner that affords you more time on the ball. He’ll get better and is one for the future, but Barry worries me. His limited screening of the defence, poor positioning, and lack of passing range is a concern, and should propel Huddlestone into the international stage as soon as he’s fit again.