Top five conclusions: Rangers 0-1 Manchester United

Posted by - November 25, 2010 - Champions League, Conclusions, Manchester United, Scotland

1. For someone who didn’t look like he was going to score in a month of Sundays from open play, Wayne Rooney sure celebrated that penalty with some enthusiasm.

2. Manchester United players and Rangers stewards are both very slow. Not only did that United fan beat all Rooney’s team-mates to be the first man in the pile-on, the stewards seemed pretty nonplussed. The guy just stayed around until the end of the celebrations and then casually walked back to his seat!

3. Michael Carrick should have swapped shirts with Kirk Broadfoot. At least then he would have a ready-made caption to excuse his first touch.

4. The orangeness of Kenny Miller’s skin is matched only by the whiteness of his teeth.

5. Steven Naismith must be wishing Howard Webb had taken charge of the match.

  • IanG

    Well done to both teams, a penalty separating us after 180 minutes of play is no bad given the gulf in finances.

  • elvido

    @IanG, Yeah? You should run that theory by Blackpool and the other promoted teams in the PL.

  • MrBenn

    One team plays with all their players behind the ball for 175 out of 180 minutes then looks for some kind of praise! Ranjurs will be the death of football