Video: Cheeky chipped penalty goes horribly wrong

Posted by - November 11, 2010 - Football videos

That’s gone down the Pan-enka

Ah, the Panenka penalty. If you can pull it off then you look as cool as a cucumber. If you mess it up then you look like an absolute idiot and everyone in the stadium wonders why you don’t just put your foot through it and hope for the best.

And Real Valladolid’s Antonio Calle is probably wondering that very same thing this morning.

With a chance to score from the spot Espanyol, Calle took a gamble and went for the chipped penalty, named after Czech footballer Antonín Panenka who is credited with scoring the first penalty of this type.

Unfortunately for Calle, the Espanyol keeper was not so keen on gambling. He didn’t gamble in either direction. He just stood there as the ball was gently chipped into his hands at a very nice height. The only question is why did he feel the need to parry the ball into the ground? It hardly stung his palms.

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  • David

    Oh dear

  • Sheva

    You need balls of steel to chip a penalty. Now we know you also need a bit of luck…