Video diary of a World Cup curse, with Mick Jagger

Posted by - November 10, 2010 - Football videos, World Cup

The mascot of doom hits YouTube

One of the few things you could guarantee at the World Cup was that if Mick Jagger was there supporting you, you were going home.

The world’s worst cheerleader had his cursed visits captured on camera by his friend Matt Clifford and have now made it onto YouTube. They certainly provide an interesting insight into the life a Rolling Stone football fan.

As OTP observed at the time, it is highly unlikely that Jagger and Bill Clinton didn’t hook up after the match.

There’s no word yet on whether Bloemfontein has adopted Jagger’s ad-libbed little tune as its official anthem. But we do know that we would snap Sepp Blatter’s chubby little finger off if he was prodding it towards us like that!

Spotted on Original Winger via Dirty Tackle.