Video: Goalkeeping FAIL from Alan Blayney (Northern Ireland v Morocco)

Posted by - November 17, 2010 - Football videos, International

Time, time, no time, no time, PANIC!

The friendly clash between Northern Ireland and Morocco didn’t promise a great deal, but it at least delivered an excellent slice of comedy.

Linfield goalkeeper Alan Blayney, playing on his home ground at Windsor Park, found out the hard way that Marouane Chamakh is a bit quicker than he thought.

The Arsenal striker closed Blayney down after a backpass. Despite no immediate danger, the keeper dallied slightly and when he attempted to clear the ball bounced off Chamakh and into the net.

  • Doug ‘the Hellraiser’ Jackson

    Marouane Chamakh deserves that, he’s been playing well. Looks like luck but in context its not really.

  • Eugene Kan

    The defender put him in the shitter on that one… terrible backpass at the center of the goal.

    Even if it was a bouncing backpass played to the left/right of the post, worse case scenario it’s a goalkick if the scenario plays out again.