Wayne Rooney becomes first person in history to return from America lighter

Posted by - November 17, 2010 - Manchester United

Wazza sheds half-a-stone in the States

Wayne Rooney has returned to Manchester United half-a-stone lighter than when he left. His American bootcamp seems to have agreed with him and he has come back in peak physical condition.

Sir Alex Ferguson said: “Wayne’s had a good week. He’s trained very hard, two days two sessions, three days three sessions, we’ve achieved what we wanted to achieve.”

Rooney was allowed a holiday break in Dubai to recover from a troublesome ankle injury, and then headed to the USA for rehabilitation at Nike’s Portland headquarters. There Wazza followed a strict schedule for his rehabilitation, including dietary planning.

OTP would like to know whether the weight has been lost since before Rooney went to Dubai or if he was weighed post-beer and chicken nuggets.

  • Mr. Chopper

    It’s because there aren’t any branches of “Wings” in Portland. There’s sweet food carts selling fresh food, rather than the glutinous (and delicious) shit he usually piles in from Manchester’s favourite Chinese takeaway.