A beginner’s guide to football betting terms

Posted by - December 17, 2010 - Adverts and Commercial, Betting

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Over the years, as the organised betting on sports has taken hold of the sporting fan’s imagination, betting has developed it’s very own betting lingo to describe the intricacies of the gambling world. This language can seem bewildering to people who have never placed bets before but, as with any language, there are simple explanations for many of the terms that will help you on your way to betting on your favourite sports. Here are a few of the most common phrases used by bookmakers and their meaning.

Your stake is the amount of money that you place on the bet. Your winnings will be relative to the stake, so the more money you place on the bet, the more profit you will get if your bet pays off.

An accumulator is a series of bets that a punter places and to win. Each of the bets must come off. If this does happen then the odds over the bets accumulate, meaning that if you do guess right every time, a huge profit can be made from a very small stake. This is down to the fact that the odds against this happening are very high.

A Handicap is a bet that is offered if there is a race or match in which one entrant is the clear favourite. This generally means that people shy away from the bet because the favourite’s odds are too short and the underdog’s too long. The handicap therefore gives a small advantage to the underdog. For instance, in football, there may be a one goal head start given to the underdog.

A Banker is a bet that is extremely likely to come off. Many see a banker as certain but there is no such thing as a certain bet in sports gambling and you would do well to remember that. A banker though, can be seen as the closest thing to a certainty so it is something you should look to build an accumulator around as it gives you a near guaranteed win.

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