Arsenal keeper Wojciech Szczesny gets twaped by Jack Wilshere

Posted by - December 7, 2010 - Arsenal

Goalie comes out on Twitter thanks to team-mate

Arsenal goalkeeper Wojciech Szczesny has found out the hard way that he should always logout of his Twitter account when team-mate Jack Wilshere is on the prowl.

The young England star hijacked the Polish keeper’s account to discuss his sexual persuasion and make bold claims about Wilshere’s ability.

‘Szczesny’ tweeted: “I am so gay and Jack Wilshere is the best footballer at Arsenal” [We’ve tidied it up a bit for him]

This prompted the real Szczesny to begin crowdsourcing some possible punishments for Wilshere and affirm that he was not, in fact, homosexual. But the young goalie was falling for the same prank just hours later as his followers discovered that he was not only still gay but also “soooooo pooooooooor”.

These crazy footballers.

Spotted on The Spoiler