Arsene Wenger: ‘Nani must be 1,600 times more intelligent than me’

Posted by - December 23, 2010 - Arsenal, Manchester United, Premier League

Arsenal boss puts down cheeky upstart

Arsene Wenger has hit back at Manchester United winger Nani over his assertion that the Premier League is a two-horse race between United and Chelsea.

The Gunners boss was clear that he believes his side are also in with a shout, and took the opportunity to have a dig at Nani’s Premier League Prediction Game.

Wenger said: “Everybody has a different opinion in this league, but nobody is a prophet. We are in a society where everybody knows everything and it looks like it is a shame to say I don’t know. I personally don’t know who will win the league and I have managed 1,600 games. So if Nani knows, he must be 1,600 times more intelligent than I am.”

He was responding to a Nostradamus moment from Nani, reported in The Sun. The Portugal international said: “I no longer see anybody winning the Premier League this season outside of Manchester United or Chelsea.”

While we fully approve of Wenger’s verbal slap we would have to disagree slightly that the number of football matches you have managed somehow equates to intelligence and the ability to make accurate predictions.

If that was the case, Sir Alex Ferguson would win the National Lottery most weeks.

  • Jim

    Thing is, Nani’s right and Wenger was pissed off because he knew it too.