Arsene Wenger’s X-Files: The Champions League draw is rigged, Arsenal will face Barcelona

Posted by - December 17, 2010 - Arsenal, Champions League, Oddballs

Things are getting strange, he’s starting to worry

We all no doubt took an interest in the BBC’s Panorama revelations on World Cup vote bribes earlier at the end of last month. But it now appears that some of us took more of an interest than others.

Take Arsene Wenger, for instance. The Arsenal boss is man who, you could argue, has always had a cynical streak. In the wake of fresh allegations of corruption against football’s bureaucrats though, the Frenchman has reinvented himself as a full-blown conspiracy theorist.

Wenger reckons he already knows the outcome of today’s Champions League draw and that his side will face Barcelona in the last-16.

He said: “I know who we will get. At this level, you need connections.”

His paranoia will not be helped by the fact that Manchester United legend Sir Bobby Charlton will be pulling out balls at the draw.

But Wenger is not too concerned about his fate.

He said: “If I say we want Barcelona, you won’t believe me. I don’t even think about it. I hope we get who I feel we will get.”

The truth is out there, Arsene.

Spotted on The Guardian

  • nasri1111

    What the hell is he thinking? I don’t even wanna hear or read this opinion!!!!!

  • king gooner

    wouldn’t surprise me one little bit if we get barca,cos their the only side who wouldn’t mind drawing us as the rest would be shitting themselves-hence MANURE leg handling the balls!

  • Davis

    Haha, after just watching the draw I couldn’t help but think Arsene knows something we don’t…

  • king gooner

    wel,well,well look who’s right hey-a stitch up by uefa-no surprise there!

  • goon

    uefa corrupt…so is FIFa…so is fa.. they all hate arsenal..