Bet’s be ‘avin you: Football Betting tips for 26-27 December

Posted by - December 23, 2010 - Betting, Predictions, Premier League

Man United to carry on, Ince’s revival and a letter to Grandpa

There will be a double bill over the festive period for those of you that want to add to your Christmas coffers, with today’s offering examining the games for Boxing Day and the 27th.

Last week’s bets turned into something of a washout (or snowout), meaning that we simply gained back our money. On the basis that that is just effing boring, and we all have a little more money after Jesus’ birthday, we will make it a bumper Christmas pot.

The most tedious Christmas task? Why that would be the thank you cards.

Dear Grandpa,

Thanks so much for the cheque you kindly sent me. I spent it on Sailor Jerrys / mind-numbing drugs / some bets that a guy on a jolly good football blog advised.

Hope you keep well and look forward to seeing you soon.

PS the treble bet that I decided on was based on Man United and QPR’s home record and West Brom having no one to replace an injured Odemwingie.
£10 on Man United -1.5, QPR and Bolton to win gets you £86

Bangor came in quicker than if I had a chance with Cheryl Cole last week, and I am punting on the HT FT bet here, which offers value. Rochdale last won away in early September, so back Paul Ince’s mini revival. Finally, a treble that is dirtier than Jodie Marsh in a club toilet with Pete Doherty is completed with Huddersfield beating Hartlepool at home.
£10 on Bangor HTFT, Notts County and Huddersfield to win gets you £57

What am I getting for Christmas, I hear you ask (that’s probably the whiskey or the voices in my head talking)? Well, a new bed actually. If I am honest it is less about the rock and roll nature of throwing out the window, or the rock and roll nature of me breaking it with a smorgasbord of filthy porn stars and hookers. More about buying a bed on the cheap this time last year that broke through me writhing around on a disgusting sambuca hangover.
£10 on Blackburn v Stoke and Newcastle v Man City to be draws gets you £112

It’s the time of year for generosity, and I will possibly be filling the hands of the bookies (with my money you perverts) with a few naughty little stabs at (metaphorical you perverts) some first goalscorers. Camaaaan, it’s Crimbo, and if you can’t spaff off (it’s a phrase you perverts) money now then when can you. Call it a feeling in my bones.
£5 on Stewart Downing first goalscorer gets you £65
£5 on Clint Dempsey first goalscorer gets you £35
£5 on Tim Cahill first goalscorer gets you £30
£5 on Kevin Davies first goalscorer gets you £35