Bet’s be ‘avin you: Football Betting tips for 18-19 December

Posted by - December 17, 2010 - Betting, Predictions, Premier League

Bet it snow, bet it snow, bet it snow

Another week of profit last time out, £22 in all. Split the money across three presents for her indoors, because there is simply no excuse for a lack of generosity at the time of year. A decent return this week and it might be a Bernard Matthews Christmas dinner, out of respect for the turkey murderer who passed away this year.

Treble this week is an Asian Handicap special. Fact of the week, chicken is the second most eaten meat on Christmas Day, because it is the bird of choice for the Asian community. I knew I would get payback on all that Good Food channel viewing. The selection to explain has to be Liverpool. Well, Fulham last won away in August 2009 and the last time Liverpool lost to a none Big Four side at home was the same month. Easy.
£10 Arsenal, Liverpool and Barcelona by 1.5 on Asian Handicap gets you £83

Wales gets a bad reputation. No one actually molests sheep there and they have a football team hat has won every game it has played this season bar one. I had an ex-girlfriend that lived in Wales, and was a right feisty little trollope. What did i do? Bangor.
£10 on Bangor City to win gets you £35

After a stinking hangover on Thursday this week, many readers may think I would be taking it easy this weekend. No girls, rock and roll, and if there is a time of year for drinking heavily in a bid to forget loneliness, ungratitude, pain and lack of love it’s now. So it’s a bottle or four of buckfast and some serious TV football. Fivers on goalscorers please Barman.
£5 on Darren Bent first goalscorer gets you £30
£5 on Ronaldo and Messi first goalscorer gets you £52
£5 on Lampard first goalscorer gets you £45