Carlos Tevez hands written transfer request to Manchester City

Posted by - December 11, 2010 - Manchester City, Transfer News and Gossip

Citeh skipper wants out

Manchester City captain Carlos Tevez wants to quit the club and has handed in a written transfer request, according to the News of the World.

The Argentinian star is said to be fed up with life under City boss Roberto Mancini. Tevez reportedly told chief executive Garry Cook he wanted to leave two weeks ago and followed it up with an official letter last Monday.

The tabloid quotes a source as saying: “He has a fantastic respect for the fans and the owner, Sheikh Mansour but it has got to the stage where he cannot face life at City anymore.”

Tevez is desperate to be sold in the January transfer window.

  • sam

    Brilliant headline

  • tick tock

    And upon what do you base this total cobblers? Yeah, some rag at the NoTW posted a load of speculation and then a bunch of sheep-brained idiots repeated it on Twitter..

    City are signing Ferguson as their replacement for Mancini (who died two weeks ago). Must be true, a bloke in the pub told me.

    get.a.grip ffs!

  • KippaxWill

    City fans love Carlos Tevez as do any right minded footy fans. I ask this question why did Carlos celebrate his last goal so fervently is he wants out and why did he react to being subbed if he does not care a great deal. He is the player at the moment and his form has improved at City, so why break it if it’s not broke. He probably wants a pay rise – not really a problem if the owners wanted to. The owners are great by the way

  • neil

    Tick tock, you must feel rather foolish considering how Tevez has revealed that he has handed in a request?

    I’m not one for always believing what they write in the papers, but it was plainly obvious that Tevez isn’t happy at the club. I wasn’t in the least bit surprised at hearing it.

  • Jimbo

    The man-baby also known as Carlos Tevez throws his toys out of the pram again. Wah-wah! I hope he breaks his contract and City sue him and his leech of an agent for everything they’ve got.