Cesc Fabregas tweets valid handball complaint after Wigan match

Posted by - December 30, 2010 - Arsenal, Football videos, Wigan Athletic


Arsenal captain Cesc Fabregas was less than pleased after his side were refused a penalty in last night’s 2-2 against Wigan. The midfielder could not help but notice the similarities with his own handball offence in the 2-3 derby defeat to Tottenham in November.

He tweeted his disapproval at the two different outcomes shortly after the match.

Proving that his contempt for match officials is rivalled only by his hatred of double ‘f’s in the middle of words, he wrote: “Whats the diference between this handball & my 1 vs spurs? Referees dont want us to complain abt them but they make life dificult 4 themself.”

Here is the dual handball that Cesc and Marouane Chamakh were punished for against Spurs. You have to admit, he has a point.

  • Graham Fairhurst5

    Any problem with keepers rugby tackling forwards in the penalty area or last defender fouling and giving away a penalty and not getting a card Cesc? You are as one eyed as Arsene

  • Pedro

    Absolutely fair comment. Chelsea was the biggest winner from refereeing decisions this week, with both Man Utd and Arsenal losing points they probably wouldn’t have had the referees been consistent. People keep talking about biases in favour of the big teams but those simply don’t seem to be there. There is, however, strong evidence for home team bias (in more than just one sport, mind), which would explain both strange decisions at OT, the Bridge, etc.. as well as these bizarre events where small teams are allowed to play outside the rules of the game. Curiously enough, people spend more time talking about “Fergie time” and other stupid things rather than trying to actually improve the standards of refereeing.