Game review: Football Superstars

Posted by - December 15, 2010 - Games

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If we’re honest, we all dream of becoming Football Superstars. The sad fact remains – and I’m trying to break this to you as gently as possible – that none of us will ever left the Champions League trophy above our heads. Well, unless Carlos Puyol has come across this article during his daily vanity Google search. Hey Carlos!

Anyhow, we are unlikely to write-off a supercar, sign a big-money sponsorship deal to wear a particular brand of flimsy plastic on our feet or cause a national scandal next time we stagger home from the pub.

And that’s where Football Superstars comes in.

In geek speak it’s an MMO. A quick Google tells us that’s a massively multiplayer online game. In the case of Football Superstars, that means you and loads of other people meet-up for a big online football game as you take on the life of a footballer, with all that entails.

Unlike other online football games, you control just one player. Resisting the urge to demand Cristiano Ronaldo proportions of possession or charge around the pitch trying to get yourself involved in everything, like Lee Cattermole before his under-8s coach told him to calm it a bit, you have to fit into the team. Of course, you’ll still be looking for your opportunity to shine!

And it’s not just on the pitch that you control the player you’ve created – you’re responsible for his off-the-pitch behaviour too. That means dealing with the media, organising your social life and – if you are feeling particularly well-behaved – perhaps even hitting the gym.

The social aspects of the game to continue to improve as more people join the Football Superstars world and the community gets increasingly lively.

From a football point-of-view, once you have taught yourself to ignore your Cattermole-esque tendencies the gameplay improves considerably. The more you play and the more experience you gain, the higher the league you play in. Like a virtual DJ Campbell, if you will.

Alongside more advanced players and with a firmer grasp of the controls, not only is the game less chaotic but the approach to tactics, formation and the team’s style of play is much more professional. It is at this stage that the game comes into its own for serious football fans.

You will know that as the team’s right-back (you are allocated your position randomly before each match) those repeated swashbuckling runs down the left-flank might have to be saved for another day. And if you don’t know, your team-mates will soon remind you!

Best of all, it’s free-to-play. Visit Football Superstars to try it out for yourself. If you’ll excuse us, we’ve got to meet a journalist outside the nightclub.

  • craig

    This is an excellent review for Football Superstars and a quality game which is well worth a look.

    I’m sure that OTP visitors would love it.

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