Gary Lineker confesses to pooing his pants on the pitch (with video evidence)

Posted by - December 1, 2010 - England, Football videos, Oddballs, World Cup

MOTD host’s dirty, dirty secret

Gary Lineker has revealed on radio that he did a poo on the pitch during England’s Italia 90 match against the Republic of Ireland. The Match of the Day presenter made his full and frank confession during an interview with Radio Five Live’s Ian Payne.

He had been suffering with a dodgy belly before the match and lost control of his bowels when he stretched for a tackle.

An enterprising YouTuber has tracked down the incident described by Lineker and once you know what’s going on you will wonder how you ever missed it.

Lineker was already on the scoresheet by the time he had his little accident, but England went on to draw the game 1-1. Quite surprising given the wide berth we now know the Irish defence, including Wolves manager Mick McCarthy, was giving to England’s star striker.

OTP would have headbutted Andy Townsend’s studs and headed off for some stitches and a change of pants!

Video via 101GG