Joey Barton faces FA charge after inviting Fernando Torres to pleasure him

Posted by - December 13, 2010 - GIF It, Hard Tackle, Liverpool, Newcastle United

Magpies midfielder courts trouble again
Joey Barton and Fernando Torres

Newcastle’s Joey Barton hit lukewarm on the Joey Barton In Hot Water Meter® after appearing to make obscene gestures and homophobic comments towards Liverpool striker Fernando Torres.

Barton, never too far away from his next disciplinary hearing, appeared to call Torres a “f**king poof”. He also grabbed his crotch and seemingly offered his Spanish opponent the opportunity to “suck it”.

Internet chatter seems divided between those who think its just childish playground abuse (which is probably true) and those who think it is unacceptable homophobic behaviour (which is equally true).

OTP doesn’t see how the authorities can ignore this and retain any credibility for already ropey anti-homophobia in football campaigns. If it had been a racist gesture or comment, there would not be any debate.

Thoughts, OTP readers?

  • Parry8924

    Ha ha if he didnt want abuse he shouldn’t play act like a fecking girl all the time, fair paly to Joey the game needs more charaters like him. Reminds me of Vinny Jones

  • anton1r

    Only news because it’s Joey Barton… FIN!

  • mane

    Hey parry8924, shut your sexist trap. You’re not better than that douche.

  • cuntley cole

    english players only do this.. thats why they are all cunt and win no world cup or euro cup

  • liverpool man

    barton says this to the man whose wife just had her second baby. barton is a thug, simple as that

  • j brookes

    joey barton “some role mode” his behaviour is shocking, nothing but thuggery yet again

  • neil

    I’m not saying that this is great and acceptable behavior, but this sort of stuff happens in every single match in every single country.

    Not a big deal at all.

  • AngelDust

    Barton is a total idiot…he just likes to provoke everyone. >.>

  • Rob Parker


    True enough, but then there was a time when the same could be said, for instance, for racist chanting. It doesn’t mean he shouldn’t face action when he’s (allegedly) caught in the act.

  • alessa

    whoever this barton person is, he is a coward for saying such a thing to fernando…fernando is such an angel and cannot hurt a fly.
    this barton idiot is obviously very insecure with himself for picking on a wonderful person like fernando torres.
    and for gods sake, have some respect nandos wife just had their second baby!

  • Wigan Latics Fan

    Joey Barton is a Thug and shouldnt be allowed to play “professional” football, If he was playing amateur football he would have his arse well and truely kicked!! What a dickhead!
    Who hides behind the protection of Team Mates and the Referee? A coward!!
    If he had done this in a Bar or on the Street, he would have been planted on his backside.
    But like a typical football bully and thug they make the gesture/comment and know nothing can happen, whats a two week fine to someone earning the money he is??
    BAN the loser !!!!

  • ethiopioa

    barton is such arogant player of the year. should be awarded arogancy . It is Elinino torees who has a good personality.

  • Tezza

    I thought he was saying “have u seen how small this is?”

    The only gay here is Joey Bartons bruva! Hes probly taking it left right and centre from the bigger boys in prison!! HAHAHAHA!!