Manchester City prankster leaves a dirty message on the back of Carlos Tevez’s Hummer

Posted by - December 15, 2010 - Manchester City, Oddballs

4×4 foul play

A mystery Manchester City employee had some fun at Carlos Tevez’s expense yesterday. The Argentinian’s Hummer had the slogan ‘Once a Blue, always a Blue’ scrawled in dirt on the back of it.

The amusing message – up to now most associated with Wayne Rooney’s declarations of love for Everton – shows at least some Citeh staff are seeing a funny side to their skipper’s transfer saga.

Plus, it makes a change from: ‘I wish my wife was this dirty.’

Care to nominate your prime suspects, OTP readers? We’ve got a sneaking suspicion about Joe Hart.

  • / MUFC

    Micah richards 😀

  • V. Gregory

    Possibly, but it’s all spelt correctly so that makes it considerably less likely that it was Micah.