Midweek fun and games: Premier League Appearances A-Z

Posted by - December 1, 2010 - Games, Premier League, Quiz

Only to be read if you made it into work

As I sit in Nottingham, there is four inches of snow on the ground, and it is more than enough for colleagues to act as if there is a drift that has forced them to not just remain in their homes, but in their beds too. Add to this that December, the official month of procrastination, is here, and its easy to see that we all need a bit of football respite.

So with cold hands but warm hearts, what better way to make the day pass than with a real brainteaser of game? (bear with me if your not quite as football-sad as me!)

Below is the link to a spreadsheet in which you are invited to guess the top Premier League appearance maker by each letter of the alphabet.

Appearances A-Z (2)

You know when you dive into something with full confidence expecting to blow it away and become unstuck half way through (see any of my second dates)?

Happy procrastinating, and bet you get T last!

  • Amir

    What is the letter T???? It’s bugging me and everyone in my office… HELP!!!

  • Daniel Storey

    Exactly Amir, exactly!

    I will respond with the answer at 9am tomorrow morning if you havent got it by then!

    Sorry to bug you, but beats work surely!

  • Sindri

    Can’t believe that it was Paul Telfer…took me ages to figure it out!