Official FIFA record of vote released

Posted by - December 2, 2010 - World Cup

England bagged just two votes

FIFA has released an official voting record for the 2018 and 2022 World Cups on its website. Unfortunately, we don’t yet know who voted for what but it does confirm that England’s 2018 bid crashed out in the first round of voting with just two votes.

See the full records for 2018 and 2022 after the jump.

2018 World Cup
Round 1: England 2 votes, Netherlands/Belgium 4 votes, Spain/Portugal 7 votes and Russia 9 votes (as no absolute majority was reached, the candidate with least amount of votes, England, was eliminated)

Round 2: Netherlands/Belgium 2 votes, Spain/Portugal 7 votes and Russia 13 votes (Russia obtained an absolute majority)

2022 World Cup
Round 1: Australia 1 vote, Japan 3 votes, Korea Republic 4 votes, Qatar 11 votes, USA 3 votes (Australia eliminated)

Round 2: Japan 2 votes, Korea Republic 5 votes, Qatar 10 votes and USA 5 votes (Japan eliminated)

Round 3: Korea Republic 5 votes, Qatar 11 votes, USA 6 votes (Korea Republic eliminated)

Round 4: Qatar 14 votes and USA 8 votes (Qatar obtained an absolute majority)

  • Andy

    So is it significant that Spatugal and Qatar failed to pick up any votes after the first round until Qatar was in the last two with USA? Weren’t they supposed to be arranging for blocks of votes for each other? Did the other voters take that into account?

  • Gary Lineker

    What happened in round 2 of the 2022 votes?

    Qatar has 11 in the 1st, then 10 in the 2nd? Did someone make a mistake, I thought the FIFA voters had months to decide. What were they thinking, “I want it to go to Qatar, wait, actually they nearly won it in the 1st vote, I know, I’ll change my mind, make it a bit more fun.”

    I understand changing your vote from a bid that clearly isn’t going to win (Holland, Japan, etc), but to change it from the leading bid?

    Seriously, what the fuck! I can not think of any logic behind the change.

  • Russian/ Middle Eastern Oligarch

    Don’t worry about the logic since my numerous bags of cash will convince your mind like I did with FIFA, and if you don’t like it I’ll send over Sergei and Abdullah to help “convince” you.