OTP Podcast: Episode 3 – Qatar Heroes

Posted by - December 8, 2010 - Podcast

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The Off The Post Podcast: the third-choice goalkeeper of football shows and proud holder of the “dressing room joker” label. Alas, it will never find itself in the starting XI. Simply because the talent just isn’t there.

This week we answer the questions that the entire footballing world has not been asking: how has Robbie Savage managed to land a televised BBC punditry job even though he hasn’t retired and isn’t any good at it? Is Rory Delap’s ‘ball pouch’ garment the first in the line of a much unanticipated clothing range? Who should Barcelona’s scouts be keeping an eye out for in Hong Kong’s top tier? And how is Qatar going to fare when 2022 rolls around?

We also round-up the best of the weekend’s action – balletic Nasri, pathetic Chelsea and apoplectic Mick ‘Scrooge’ McCarthy. And of course there will be an update on the progress of OTP’s adopted team, the mighty Madron FC, which this week has a rather continental feel to it.

Videos to authenticate the nonsense:

Our pick of the goals this week was Samir Nasri’s aesthetically pleasing second against Fulham. Turns out the evening classes at the Royal Ballet School are finally starting to pay dividends.

Rory Delap gives us a sneak peak into how he throws a football so ruddy far, and also proves that he has less charisma than a tired badger.

Clubs from around Europe have already begun scrapping for the signature of this young buck who made an explosive debut for South China FC at the weekend. Just imagine when he matures into his prime…

The Germans once again proving that they are good at everything, including own goals.

No, it’s not the stuff you get at the back of your throat when you’re ill-it’s the host for the FIFA 2022 World Cup. Marvel at the proposed stadiums in all of their CGI glory – mainly because none of them actually exist yet.

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