OTP Podcast: Episode 5 – Christmas Special

Posted by - December 22, 2010 - Podcast

Oh I wish it could be Podcast every day

The Off The Post Podcast Christmas Special has a number of presents waiting for you under the tree. Open it up and you’ll find gifts such as Owen Coyle’s voodoo rituals, Lech Poznan’s unique brand of supporter, some outrageous geordie commentary from El Classico, and John Arne Riise rapping about fruit.

Look to the mantelpiece you’ll find the Off The Post Nativity set, made up solely of the best and worst of this year’s Premier League, including the shepherds, the three kings, and our own footballing Messiah.

Rip open your card and rather than that HMV voucher that you don’t really want, you’ll find a comprehensive analysis of every single one of the goals scored in the Premier League this weekend (yes, all three of them). And if you delve into the depths of your stocking, next to the tangerine you’ll find an update on our beloved Madron FC, if you’re lucky. Magical. Truly magical.

The pod in vid:

Craig Gordon pulls of what has been hailed as “the save of the decade”. Cue comparisons with him to Gordon Banks, and Zat Knight to…Pele.

Just what is Owen Coyle getting up to at the Reebok? “I bury a little choccy in each goal so if any of the boys score they get a little treat. Matty Taylor loves it.”

Lech Poznan fans get rowdy at Under 12s match: Fan ring leader – “The lighting wasn’t great in the stadium so we had to light a few flares so that we could really appreciate the match in all its glory.”

Riise and Pedersen on their musical exploits: “We felt that heavily autotuning a rap was the best way of conveying the message of healthy living to the kids. The wives love it too.”

The now infamous Ray Hudson commentating on El Clasico. For best results, listen to his reactions for Barca’s third and fourth. Watch it here.

UAE goal celebrations explained: “One of the lads brought in the new Diversity DVD and we just can’t get enough of it. Everyone’s been working on routines and just can’t wait to show them off.”

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  • Anonymous

    Can I be the first to congratulate the Podcast team on getting into the festive / “FROZEN BRITAIN” spirit with their lovely Christmas artwork!