Preston North End latest to feel the hardship of crossing Sir Alex Ferguson’s family

Posted by - December 31, 2010 - Championship, Manchester United

Fergie recalls his young troops

Sir Alex Ferguson has been gradually been creating a bit of a Godfather persona for himself over the last few years. He has made protecting his family dynasty a key priority, even in his professional life.

Take for example the BBC Panorama documentary in 2004, which accused his football agent son Jason of some shady dealings. The Beeb didn’t find a horse’s head on their pillow, but they have struggled to get two words out of Fergie since. And this is a man who loves giving two words to journalists.

Preston North End are the latest organisation to risk sleeping with the fishes. The Championship outfit sacked Fergie’s Jason’s twin brother, Darren, earlier this week.

Don Alex has graciously spared North End their lives. Instead he has simply recalled the three youngsters he sent on loan to Deepdale as a favour to Darren.

Belgian defender Richie De Laet, midfielder Matty James and improbably-Norwegian striker Joshua King have all returned to Old Trafford as the Ferguson family flexed their collective biceps.

  • Delboy Dublin

    Ferguson in being a bitter pillock shocker! Although in fairness, if PNE are bottom of the Championship, how good could said trio have actually been?

  • Stuart Otterson

    If the loan deals include the right to recall players, than PNE have little to complain about, they knew the risks.

  • Josie

    I’m quite sure Sir Alex is not the first self-made person to take advantage of the privilege that he has spent the past 30 years building. He is merely doing what most gentry classes have been doing for centuries… keeping the money in the family and setting up a legacy that will last after he is gone.

    Nothing personal, just business.

  • Pedro

    Errr, two of the loans were supposed to expire three days after anyway. Hardly equates with, you know, actually killing people and engaging in all sorts of illegal activities.