Random Slovakian offers his services to Madron FC

Posted by - December 8, 2010 - Madron FC, Podcast, Transfer News and Gossip

A new eastern European recruit?

Last week, OTP adopted Cornish outfit Madron FC as our new team after the plucky side won us over with their woeful form, including a 55-0 defeat. And it seems that OTP was not the only person to feel mighty Madron tugging on their heartstrings.

News of the “worst team in Britain” spread far and wide, including to Slovakia where one chap wanted to do everything he could to help the cause. Sadly for Madron, the offer was not without its conditions.

We received the following email:

Hello, I am Jozef Krupa and I am from Slovakia. I am 24 years old. I was in Slovakia and Cech republick in footbal clubs and I´m free player now. I am informated than you are the worst club of the world and I want to help you! I can play every place in football, I am universal player, and I can be in the gate. When you will have interest and you can have job to me and some flat for me, of course footbal registred I can flay to you and help to you be wins. I know to have more people for you, it´s no problem for me!
You can contakt me to me e-mail Liaoning@azet.sk
See you son and I wish you more wins and joys.
Jozef Krupa

I wait for your late answer.

OTP’s understandable initial joy soon faded to despair when we realised that jobs are pretty thin on the ground at the moment and we don’t know any charitable landlords in the Penzance area.

Nonetheless, we have requested a skillz reel from Jozef just in case he is worth breaking the bank for!

Get Madron FC’s response and the latest Madron news on this week’s OTP Podcast.

  • hollis

    The next Hamsik? Can’t wait to see the skills reel.