Rosenborg fan gets naked during live TV interview

Posted by - December 3, 2010 - 'Do Are Ya?, Football videos, Oddballs

We’re going streaking…through the quad to the gymnasium. Everyone’s doing it

If you have watched the video, then only questions are necessary:
1. Why does the presenter look like Jeremy Kyle
2. It is -16 degrees. What are you doing?
3. Is there even the slightest chance your Mum could be watching?
4. What’s wrong with a wave?
5. Why does your jumping up and down look like my dancing?
6. Are you really that proud of THAT?

  • Neil

    7.Honey, do you think KFC is still open?

  • Daniel Storey

    You may not agree with my predictions but Neil you have a good taste in films, sir!

  • Jimbo

    8. What the hell is the guy being interviewed wearing?

    p.s. (We all love you really Danny :-P)

  • ESPN 2

    the naked man got fined 10,000 NOK, (1.700 USD) for the apperance.