Sunday People newspaper makes Charles N’Zogbia a record breaker

Posted by - December 12, 2010 - Blackburn Rovers, Transfer News and Gossip, Wigan Athletic

Who needs research on a Sunday morning

The tagline in the Sunday People this morning reads:

BLACKBURN ROVERS boss Sam Allardyce is ready to make a record-breaking £7million move for Wigan’s Charles N’Zogbia.

Now the quiz begins. Given that £8million is the record fee paid by Blackburn for Andy Cole (and Kevin Davies and Barry Ferguson were £7.5million), and Wigan received £16million for Luis Valencia, what exactly is this record?

OTP thought for a while and had concluded that it was probably the highest fee paid for a sulky French attacking player moving between two Premier League clubs in a January. But then we realised that Nicolas Anelka had this one tied up.

So feel free to make your suggestions as to the exact reason why N’Zogbia is a “record breaker”.

  • Chris

    Is it the record for most arseholes at a club? Diouf, N’Zogbia, Fat Sam…

  • neil

    Ah, some classic Storey pedantics!

  • Daniel storey

    Wouldnt have me any other way neil! Uve been quiet on my betting column with three weeks in a row of more than £20 profit!