Thank Ian Holloway’s wife for Blackpool’s entertaining football

Posted by - December 27, 2010 - Blackpool

Mrs Olly is the brains of the operation

Blackpool manager Ian Holloway has revealed that we can thank his missus for the attacking brand of football the Seasiders have entertained us with this season.

Olly revealed he had been determined for his next side to play entertaining football after stewing over his exit from Leicester City. But he was ready to drop the masterplan when he lost his first game in charge of Blackpool when wife Kim made him stick to his principles.

He said: “There was only one time I doubted this attacking plan, and the lady sat by me quite rightly said ‘You can’t change now – if you believe in it, just go and do it’.

“That was in the 2009 pre-season, when we lost on penalties to Rushden and Diamonds in my first game. We’d drawn 0-0 and deserved to lose.

“But I’d been out of the game for a year after getting the sack from Leicester, and I always swore that if I got another manager’s job then first and foremost I wanted to make sure my team would be worth watching.

“I wanted them to play 4-3-3, the way the Spains and Barcelonas do because I watched them during that year on the dole and it was like a light came on in my brain.

“I hoped it would be successful – but I knew what it would be was entertaining and Kim knew just how important that was to me, so she kept me sane as all the doubts surfaced.”

That’s right: kept him sane. Imagine.

And it was Mrs Holloway to the rescue again this summer as Olly considered quitting over the lack of new signings. Again he was forced to see sense.

He added: “I spoke to the boss in the end – Kim to you – and the boss was right, as always, telling me to sit tight and see what developed.”

Than you, Mrs Holloway. OTP is eternally indebted to you!

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    Its true!-at the side of every contented happy and successful man,there is a good hearted woman.