The Top 10 Off The Post posts of 2010, as voted for by your mouse

Posted by - December 23, 2010 - Lists, Site

Tomorrow we’ll recap some of our highlights of 2010, but these are the posts which brought most traffic to OTP this year.

1. Video: Aaron Ramsey’s leg broken by Ryan Shawcross
Like football’s answer to Quentin Tarantino, we try to give you storylines but really you just want the gore.

2. Liverpool frolic in the snow at training
And so 2010 ends as it began: with footballers mucking about in the snow.

3. Pep Guardiola: ‘Arsenal uncompetitive and Arsene Wenger not a good coach’
One of our favourite hobbies of 2010 has been enticing angry Arsenal fans to swear at us. This tongue-in-cheek piece was arguably our most successful attempt.

4. Video: Michael Brown tries to get Steven Gerrard in trouble
Hey, remember when Portsmouth were in the Premier League? They were for the first-half of 2010 and they were causing GBH to Stevie G’s elbow.

5. Peter Crouch cheated on Abbey Clancy with an £800 prostitute
If we can’t give you violence, you’ll settle for a bit of smut. This extremely rare example of an England footballer sleeping with a hooker certainly caught your imagination!

6. Robinho receives subtle subliminal message from Manchester City ground staff
Aren’t signs brilliant? Ironic signs are even better.

7. Top 10 football prostitute scandals
Well, well, well. What a surprise! How do you lot sleep at night? Actually, don’t answer that.

8. Naked photos of Ashley Cole sent to model’s phone
A tall story of how Little Ashley got to be on a model’s mobile.

9. Jack Wilshere was ‘trying to take photos up skirts’
It’s been a chequered year for Wilshere. A brilliant breakthrough into the Arsenal first-team punctuated by some less than glorious off-field moments.

10. Jermaine Jenas and his Arsenal car sticker
JJ getting merked by some Gooners went down a storm.